Seasonal Espresso


Orange Marmalade, Plum, Maple Syrup
Matambo, Hacienda Sonora
Colombia, Costa Rica
Caturra, Colombia, Red Catuaí
Washed, Honey 

Temporada is a balanced and sweet espresso comprised of the finest quality seasonal coffees. 

Matambo is produced by the 82 members of the Association de Cafeteros El Desarrollo in the town of Gigante in Huila, Colombia. Each lot is processed on small mills on the individual farms and dried in parabolic beds and roof top patios. 

This is our 5th year to work with Hacienda Sonora, located in the Central Valley of Costa Rica. Sonora is owned and managed by our dear friends, Alberto and Diego Guardia and is approximately 100 hectares in size. Composed of 55 hectares of shaded coffee, 35 hectares of wild forest reserve, and 10 hectares of sugar cane. The average elevation is 1,200 m (or 3,900 ft) above sea level. The coffee grows in an environment surrounded by exotic trees and other vegetation, providing ideal conditions for quality, as well as improving the chemistry of the already naturally rich volcanic soil.

Coffee orders can be placed Monday - Thursday by 9am. Any orders placed after 9am will be roasted the following day. Any orders placed after 9am on Thursday will be roasted the following Monday. All online orders are shipped within 24 hours of roasting via USPS Priority Mail.